What Can Hypnotherapy Help With?

From anxiety to weight control

Hypnotherapy can help to address a wide range of issues and conditions that can occur at all stages of life. It might be that you are a parent/guardian seeking help for a child or teenager experiencing social anxiety; maybe you are someone caught up in a spiral of negative thinking; or perhaps you are concerned about the stresses of later life. Whatever the issue, this natural form of therapy can bring about life changing benefits.

Hypnotherapy, dispelling the myth

Hypnotherapy - Useful Background Information

Dispelling the myth

Hypnotherapy helps direct your imagination in such a way as to bring about desired changes. The hypnotic, or trance state, you will achieve while relaxing on the hypnotherapy couch is very much like the one you go into when you are driving or reading and can’t remember some of the steps that led you to your destination or the bottom of the page. You will always have ultimate control and will leave the trance state relatively quickly and easily.

What is solution focused hypnotherapy?

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Helping you to achieve your goals

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, as its name suggests, focuses on solutions and goals, rather than the problem, which is what makes it different from many other therapies. So often the ‘problem’ is merely a symptom of something much deeper that will respond well to a solution-focused approach. During the initial consultation, you will be invited to outline some of the changes you wish to make and clients who attend regularly and for the recommended 8-12 sessions often achieve so much more than they ever imagined possible.