Coping with stress

In need of some urgent stress relief?

The world can seem a stressful place and, sometimes, we are faced with challenges that can raise our stress hormones, making us feel less able to cope.  The good news is that we are sophisticated beings and have a wonderful capacity to cope with relatively short-term stress: in fact, some stress in our lives is good as it can help motivate us to spring into action.  However, when stress levels rise and remain high, we can start to suffer emotionally and physically and this can tend to become a vicious circle of drawing negativity into our lives.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can serve as a fabulous stress reliever.  In your first session, you will learn a little about how the brain works and how stress and anxiety are created, which can serve as a true light-bulb moment when you realise just what has been going on in your mind!  We can often feel like we should be able to cope, but elements of the brain are not well suited to modern-day living and so strategies need to be explored and found to get it under control.  This can happen in the therapy room.

Subsequent sessions focus on regaining control of the rational, intellectual brain, developing positive thought, positive action and positive action.  This, blended with hypnosis, can have a positive impact on lives in just a few weeks.  Read some testimonials here.

To find out more about how hypnotherapy can help, read more here: hypnotherapy sessions for stress and anxiety or contact me here.

In the meantime, why not browse the following link, which contains twenty five stress-relieving ideas. 

The world is stressful: these 25 items can make it less so

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