Hypnotherapy for Children and Teenagers

How can hypnotherapy sessions help your child?

Is there a young person in your life experiencing anxiety, stress, confidence issues or symptoms that indicate unhappiness or a lack of contentment? Such elements of life are not reserved for the realms of adulthood and can start very early on, sometimes showing themselves in physical ways, such as headaches, stomach aches and sleep problems, and often in emotional forms, such as tears, mood swings and anger.

As a parent and experienced secondary school teacher, I have witnessed, first-hand, the impact conditions such as stress and anxiety can have on young people.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a natural, positive, non-intrusive form of therapy that can be incredibly effective in helping children and young people. It can help them to regain a sense of happiness and control in their fluctuating world, which has all-round benefits.

What will happen during the sessions?

Hypnotherapy sessions for children begin with an initial consultation; this might be something you choose to attend on behalf of your child, to find out more about the process, or maybe together.  This is something that we will discuss before you bring your child along for the first time.

Subsequent sessions will last about an hour and be aimed at helping your child to focus on the positives in their life, retraining their brain so that they can live a happier, more content life.  Children know all too well what makes them happy and so they tend to find this an easy process to engage with.  They also respond well to suggestion as they have lively imaginations and so they enjoy the hypnosis element of the session, whereby they get to sit or lie on the couch and listen to specially selected language patterns that I will read to them.

Hypnotherapy sessions for teenagers also follow a similar pattern to those for adults, starting with an initial consultation that they can attend on their own or with you as their a parent or guardian.  This is something that we can discuss before the first appointment.

Subsequent sessions are partly based on talking therapy where we will focus on the positive actions, thoughts and interactions in their lives since we last met, thereby strengthening the part of the brain that is most open to positivity and rational thought. The brain is incredibly adaptable and can be retrained fairly rapidly when your teenager is willing to fully engage in the process of change.

The second element of the session will be a relaxing 20-25 minute session on the hypnotherapy couch whereby we work to open up the subconscious mind to receive positive suggestions, helping your teenager to shape their life into how they want it to be.


It is important to reassure your child that they will be in control at all times. The trance state they will go into is very normal; we actually go into trance many times throughout the day, say, when we are watching television or reading a book and find we’ve drifted off and missed a crucial point.


The initial consultation and assessment will last about an hour and is priced at just £50.

Each subsequent, individually tailored, session is £50 and typically lasts 55-60 minutes.
It’s recommended that people come along weekly, especially in the first instance, in order to maximise the speed and effectiveness of positive change.

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